Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

6 easy Steps to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Veteran golfers would agree that it is indeed difficult to hit a golf ball straight and perfectly each time you play. The only thing that golfers can do is to try and reduce the number of bad shots and hits. Golf is basically a target based game where you have to hit a ball that is stationed on the ground. This is easier said than done, is what all golfers must have realized by now.

Follow this six easy steps to hit a golf ball Straight!
  1. Though you may be a beginner, the fundamentals of playing golf such as grip and the correct method of bending are clear to you. This is something very basic that is taught in the first few lessons of golf. For learning to hit a golf ball straight we need to pay attention to improving our posture and swing plane. Firstly, you need to set your left arm straight with ease.
  2. Then raise your left shoulder and put down your right shoulder. Take care not to stoop to the right but ensure that your stance is upright and then uplift the lower shoulders in a vertical manner.
  3. As you drop your right shoulder, ensure that your right arm is in contact with the lower right portion of your stomach when you stand in an erect position. This shape will guarantee that your beginning position will mostly be the same as your bearing when you strike the ball. This concept should be learnt well as it is helpful for decreasing the chance of a poor strike and hit a golf ball straight.
  4. Let us move on to the swing plane now. Imagine that there is a plane that is enclosing your body, chest and stomach. Envisage that one point is a handle, the second point lies where your right arm is feeling your stomach and the third point is placed on the far right side in the region of your hips.
  5. Picture that these 3 points are sliding by the swing plane and take care that the swing plane is going for the target in a straight line. Then carry out your regular swing. Your left arm should act as a guide and should slither on this swing plane.
  6. Use this posture for putting too. It will help you to putt the ball in a straight line. Of course, you will need consistency in your efforts for achieving this. Practice numerous times to hit a golf ball straight and include this posture in your natural golf swing.
  7. Turn your head to the right at some 2 to 3 degrees. This will help you gain a comfortable free backswing and takeaway. Also it is useful if you try and view the golf ball with your left eye.

Now you know the steps to hit a golf ball straight. You can still join the golf swing course for improve your golf swing and overall game. You will be astonished with the results.